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Now lets see whats the harm if you don’t get SEO service in Delhi .

  • If you are not doing SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) means your website wont rank high on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page )

  • If your business website isn't ranking then somebody else's website is ranking.

  • If your customers are not coming to your website , then they are going to your competitors website.

According to a study ,
91% of the traffic does not goes beyond page 1
4.8% goes till 2nd page of SERP
1.1% goes up to 3rd page of SERP,
Rest goes to the other pages.

Means your business is visible to web browsers only when your website comes within the top 3 pages.
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How SEO service in Delhi can help your business grow ?

  • Showing up in top 3 pages would mean you will be getting leads and thereby revenue from the internet organically , without any extra capital.

  • Being there on top 3 pages , would mean recognition of your business , thereby building a brand in the name of your company.

  • A website with good and relevant content would attract your customers even more.

  • So, don’t be confused whether you should get your SEO service in Delhi or not.

Process of SEO service in Delhi:

The process of SEO service in Delhi involves few steps which are required to be done by the experts only , choosing wrong keywords for your website might affect your website in a bad manner.

  • Step #1 : Website Audit :

    First we will audit your website , its current rank , position , response time, meta tags, responsiveness , user friendliness and so on .

  • Step #2 : Keyword Research :

    Here we do research and selection for the keywords suitable for your business which are getting the highest search volume . ( Search Volume - The number of people searching for that particular keyword every month on an average )

  • Step #3 : Content Writing :

    Here content for your website is written by professional content writers who specialises in SEO , which will be including the regular involvement of the selected keywords for your business.

  • Step #4 : Optimising website :

    Here we optimise your website , which means we make your website loading smooth , and light so that even a person with weak internet connection can open your website in no time. Here we try our level best to decrease the bounce rate of your website , that means any person opening your website should stay on the website for some time and not leaves it very soon as it affects your overall SEO.

  • Step #5 : Building Backlinks :

    Apart from all the On-page SEO factors , Off-page factors also matters a lot, specially when we talk about building quality backlinks for our website . What are Quality backlinks in SEO service in Delhi ? Quality backlinks in SEO service in Delhi means getting our website link to others website with high DA ( Domain Authority ) because of which google bot will count our website in reliable websites for users.

  • Step #6 : Keeping the Website and Content up to date :

    After all this , the SEO company in delhi , needs to keep a regular check and maintain the website content also to keep a track of growth in the ranking of website in SERP.

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