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Social Media Involves 2 aspects
  1. Social Media Optimization

  2. Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Optimization ?

Optimizing the Social Media Presence of your company , by keep your social media handles up to date , with latest information and offers.Every Company should have their presence on the following platforms. Facebook , LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. Yes there are more platforms as well , but these are the major ones.

Things that are taken care of by a Social Media Marketing Agency in Social Media Optimization:

Bio Optimization : Using the right keywords in username and the Bio to get SEO on Social Media.

Quality of Post : The post needs to be crisp and clear about the message it needs to convey.

Frequency of Post : The number of posts that are needed to be uploaded in a day.

Time of Uploading : The time at which a post is uploaded also matters , when it comes to engagement. There are different time slots at which the audience is most engaging and attentive on different platforms. Our social media agency finds this out by using analytic tools for every platform.

Addressing the type of Audience : A good social media marketing Agency knows, there are different age groups of people on different platforms. For instance , the engaging audience on Facebook is mostly 30 years and above whereas many of these are not on Instagram , people having 16-30 years of age are more interested and engaging on Instagram platform.

Engaging posts with call to action : Our Social Media Agency understands this fact that the posts need to include some call to action for the audience seeing it , as a post getting engagement gets boosted by the app itself , thereby increasing the reach of that post and thereby getting you more number of eye balls on your business and offerings.

Using right #Hashtags : Hashtags are the trends on social media , if used wisely can bring really amazing traffic on your posts , who are interested in your kind of posts , but there’s yet again a science behind using the right hashtags in your posts, otherwise it wont work ,our Social Media marketing agency takes care of this as well.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is the marketing of your business using different social media platforms, it can be further divided into two parts -

  • Organic Social Media Marketing
  • Inorganic / Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media Marketing:

  • Marketing via post/video with using only free strategies
  • No ads are published
  • Doesn't cost us extra money.
  • High amount of efforts are needed
  • Takes time to get the desired output
  • Brings more trust as a Brand.

Inorganic/ paid Social Media Marketing:

  • Marketing via post/video by running ads on social media platforms.
  • Ads are published
  • Costs extra money
  • Effort reduces a lot if you do right targeting , ad creation and copy-writing.
  • Can get results a lot faster than organic social media marketing.
  • Needs a landing page to build trust.

Process of running ads in Social Media Marketing :

  1. Understanding the product or service : At first we must know the product and service , then only we can analyse which marketing segment we need to tap ; which age group and audience would be interested in it.

  2. Platform and Audience Selection : Here we need to figure out which audience we will target for a particular product or service.

  3. Choosing the Ad type : Ad can be a picture post or a video post . Both works differently depending upon the Audience and platform.

  4. Designing the Ad properly : Here we need to design the ad , it should have the following :

    • Sharp Graphics
    • Clear messaging
    • Use of easy to understand language
    • Use of least possible words.
    • Call the Action.
    • Use of lead magnets and funnels (if needs)

  5. Publishing the and performing A/B testing : Here we test one ad with its updated version with different positioning. We observe the response of the public in the two , the one performing better , gets scaled to bigger level.

  6. Copy Writing and Landing Page Creation : Copy writing is the art of writing the exact words that will sell your product to your customers. They should include answers and explanation to all the queries that your customer might have in his / her mind.

  7. Retargeting Ad : The people who came on your landing page , but did not buy are the people who wants to buy your product but are having some doubts or queries , that are needed to be solved , therefore we run retargeting ads specifically for those people, to convert them.

  8. Funnel Creation : It is the technique which is itself a big concept , it is required to sell high-end online services or programs.

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