Webapps are trending these days, when you want the customer to interact with your website more than just filling up the newsletter or using the search option and you expect the user to do different things on your website , then its the time you should opt for a Web Application .

Web Apps is basically a website only which has an app like user interface and user experience, a user experiences as if he is using an application rather than a website , as it hides a few typical elements of a website ; different URLs for a webpage, loaders etc.

Benefits of Web Application

  • Web application development is a lot cheaper than getting an android or ios application.

  • It takes less time and effort to be developed.

  • Changes if required, can be done a lot faster in web applications

  • It doesn’t occupy space on the internal storage of a mobile or computer device.

  • Can be accessed instantly , and doesn’t need to be downloaded .

  • Does not needs to be developed differently for different platforms; ios and android.

  • Doesn’t charges extra money for uploading on the play store or apple store.

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